IceHrm v23.0.0 Release

We are happy to announce yet another release (v23.0.0) of icehrm packed with a bunch of useful features and improvements. Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Recruitment module for IceHrmPro. With this, there will be no feature wise difference between IceHrm Cloud and IceHrmPro.

  • Public company-wide chat is available for IceHrm users. We hope to develop this feature into a full chat application by supporting private and group conversations in future releases.

IceHrm Chat

  • We have also added a public announcement module where administrators and managers can make public announcements.

IceHrm Announcements

  • Now users can quickly switch language via the top menu bar.

  • Improvements to German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese translations. Finnish is also added as a supported language but still on beta.

  • Travel request module can now be customized by adding custom fields. We will continue to add custom field support for all other modules in future releases.

If you are an IceHrm Pro user you will receive an email with a download link within next few hours. All cloud installations are upgraded to new version.

For IceHrm open source please check the release notes and download the upgrade from:

IceHrm v20.2 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of IceHrm v20.2 open source, with all payroll features and a bunch of other improvements. 

Now with IceHrm you can configure your company payroll and let your employees download payslips. Please checkout the quick tutorial on payroll creation here:

For IceHrm Pro, we made both employee history and staff directory modules available (which was only available for IceHrm cloud).

For developers who are interested, we made icehrm code PSR-2 compatible. Also now we fully support mysql 5.7.

Please checkout the latest release from here:

Those who have an active IceHrm Pro license will receive the latest update with in next few days. But if your IceHrmPro license is expired and still you are interested in new update please contact us via

IceHrm v19.0 Release

Today we have released IceHrm v19.0 for both open source and pro editions.

For those who are having an active Icehrm pro license will receive the upgraded version.

With this release we have made several modules such as Payroll, Overtime and HR forms available in IceHrm Pro. Also there is a bunch of features such as multiple approval leaves, managers ability to view all the employees in a department and sub structures of this department.

For the open source version we have added the overtime module, some bug fixes and multi level approvals.

Also now you can quickly setup the development environment for icehrm. We believe this will encourage developers to submit more features and improvements. If you are willing to contribute Please go through

Also please read our contribution guide before submitting pull requests

IceHrm v16 with Payroll Reports

Payroll Reports (Beta)

As you already noticed we have released IceHrm v16.1.H for all the hosted installations with some major updates for payroll processing. Our payroll module is still in beta and it can be currently used for:

Generating reports required for submitting HR details to your payroll processing company. Processing your own payroll with pre-configured rules. This is ideal for companies already processing their payroll using excel or some other methods.

We have not yet completed the documentation for this. But you may contact us via or to get help configuring your payroll rules.

Prepaid Credit

Also with this upgrade we have started accepting pre-paid credit for icehrm hosting account. We now allow adding pre-paid credit to your icehrm hosting account.

Once you add pre-paid credit we reduce the payment from credit balance every time an invoice is generated and your credit balance and transactions will be displayed under System -> Upgrade module.

For adding pre-paid credits to your account please contact us via

Also v16.1.H comes with a bunch of improvements. Here is a complete list


Payroll reports module for IceHrm Enterprise Improvements to salary module Employee History Tracking module - Track all important changes to an employee Initial implementation of icehrm REST Api Improvements to data filtering Multiple tabs for settings module Overtime reports - now its possible to calculate overtime for employees.compatible with US overtime rules A tab to list documents added under employee view Logout the user if tried accessing an unauthorized module Setting for updating module names Add department filter to employee leave report


Fix issue: classes should be loaded even the module is disabled Checking user permission before adding default module for user Deleting the only Admin user is not allowed Fixes for cron issues Fixes for handling non UTF-8 Fix for non-mandatory select boxes are shown as mandatory Fix: Indirect supervisor full leave list not showing

IceHrm Pro

If you do not want to keep your employee details in a third party server you may purchase IceHrm Pro (which comes with most of the features in hosted edition) and self host your application. No subscription fees and no limit on number of employees.

IceHrm Transactions

IceHrm v16.0 for Open Source Edition

v16.0.OS for IceHrm Open Source Edition was released on 17th April 2016 with a lot of new modules, improvements to existing features and bug fixes

Advanced Employee Management Module is now available with OS Edition

This is a major improvement in v16.0.OS which will be one of the main reasons for your to upgrade your old icehrm installations to v16.0.OS.

LDAP module for Open Source Edition

The other new feature is LDAP login. Now in OS edition you can configure your LDAP server to be used for icehrm uses to login. For more information please check ([]

Here is the complete list of changes on IceHrm v16.0.OS

  • Advanced Employee Management Module is now included in IceHrm Open Source Edition
  • LDAP Module which was only available in IceHrm Enterprise is now included in open source also
  • Initial implementation of icehrm REST Api for reading employee details
  • Improvements to data filtering
  • Multiple tabs for settings module
  • Overtime reports - now its possible to calculate overtime for employees.compatible with US overtime rules
  • Logout the user if tried accessing an unauthorized module
  • Setting for updating module names
  • Fix issue: classes should be loaded even the module is disabled
  • Deleting the only Admin user is not allowed
  • Fixes for handling non UTF-8
  • Fix for non-mandatory select boxes are shown as mandatory

Announcing IceHrm Release with Recruitment Module

Today I’m exited to announce the release of icehrm v13.0 for hosted installations. v13 comes with whole lot of features such as recruitment module, PTO for leave module and some core improvements.

With IceHrm recruitment module now you can

  • Post jobs
  • Let candidates apply for these jobs
  • Schedule interviews
  • Track candidate progress with notes
  • Share job links with linkedIn, facebook, twitter and google+ directly from icehrm

The PTO (Paid Time Off) feature of the leave module help you to configure initial set of leaves when moving from a third party leave management system. Also it help you to add or remove leave from leave balance of an employee.

You can read more about PTO here

New features in IceHrm release v7.0

It’s time for another feature packed release from IceHrm. Today we are releasing IceHrm v7.0 with new performance charts, improved company structure graph, new training module and filtering support for many existing modules.

Performance Charts

You should be able to see new “Performance Charts” section under admin menu. We have added a chart for monitoring attendance hours for all employees or individual employees. Also there we have added another chart for comparing time recorded in attendance module against the time added to time sheets.

Training Module

The new training module covers most of the functions related to training company employees. It allows admin to define courses and training sessions and assign training sessions to employees. Employees also able to subscribe to various pre-defined training sessions.

Filtering Support

We have added filtering support to many modules including Employees, Training, Audit and Document Management.

Leave Log Implementation

Now when you are rejecting or approving a leave you can add a note to your action. This note will be shown on both leave notification and leave details popup.

Administrators can now edit employee information without switching employees

We’ve been receiving requests to make employee information editable by admins without switching employees. In v7.0 we have implemented this feature. Now admins can add or edit skills, education, certifications, languages, dependents, dependents, migrations, salary details and projects directly from admin employee module and projects module.

Global Leave Calendar

You can make leave calender include leaves of all the employees now. We have added a setting named “Leave: Share Calendar to Whole Company” for this purpose. Enable global leave calendar by setting this to yes in Admin->Settings module.

Metadata Module

Through meta data module you can mange countries, provinces, nationalities and currency types in your icehrm instance. This module can be accessed under Settings -> Manage Metadata.

Improved Company Loan Module

Now only admins can add or edit company loans. Employees are only allowed to view company loans taken by them.

New features for opensource version in iCE Hrm v6.0


With new notifications module employees and managers will receive notifications for various event such as new leave applications, leave approvals, rejections and time sheet submissions.

Improvements to leave module

We have implemented long pending leave accrue and leave carry forward features in leave module. Also now employees are able to see their leave entitlement.

Time sheets made easy

Adding a time entry to a time sheet was bit messy in previous versions. But now we have changed our date controller to make it much easier for users to add time entries. Apart from that now admins can make all or selected set of projects available to employees through a setting in Settings module.

Document management

We have added a new tab in Documents module for admins to access all documents submitted by employees.

New reports

We have added a new report for downloading employee attendance information.