With the release of icehrm v14.1, open source edition users are able to purchase following commercial modules for open source version v14.0.OS and v14.1.OS

Leave Module

IceHrm has one of the best leave management systems among all the HRM software. Leaves module is used to define all the elements required to manage leave application process of your company

Audit Log Module

Audit log module will enable administrators to track each and every action of your employees.

Advanced Employees Module

This module allow administrators to list,edit and add all employee details at one place, rename field names and add custom fields

Performance Charts

Charts for monitoring attendance hours and comparing attendance with time sheets.

Document Management

IceHrm Document Management allows, storing employee documents and sending notifications on expiring or out dated documents.

Expenses Management

Expense claim management is a lot easier with painless expense claims, increased visibility and proper approval process

You can purchase these modules from IceHrm Market Place