It’s time for another feature packed release from IceHrm. Today we are releasing IceHrm v7.0 with new performance charts, improved company structure graph, new training module and filtering support for many existing modules.

Performance Charts

You should be able to see new “Performance Charts” section under admin menu. We have added a chart for monitoring attendance hours for all employees or individual employees. Also there we have added another chart for comparing time recorded in attendance module against the time added to time sheets.

Training Module

The new training module covers most of the functions related to training company employees. It allows admin to define courses and training sessions and assign training sessions to employees. Employees also able to subscribe to various pre-defined training sessions.

Filtering Support

We have added filtering support to many modules including Employees, Training, Audit and Document Management.

Leave Log Implementation

Now when you are rejecting or approving a leave you can add a note to your action. This note will be shown on both leave notification and leave details popup.

Administrators can now edit employee information without switching employees

We’ve been receiving requests to make employee information editable by admins without switching employees. In v7.0 we have implemented this feature. Now admins can add or edit skills, education, certifications, languages, dependents, dependents, migrations, salary details and projects directly from admin employee module and projects module.

Global Leave Calendar

You can make leave calender include leaves of all the employees now. We have added a setting named “Leave: Share Calendar to Whole Company” for this purpose. Enable global leave calendar by setting this to yes in Admin->Settings module.

Metadata Module

Through meta data module you can mange countries, provinces, nationalities and currency types in your icehrm instance. This module can be accessed under Settings -> Manage Metadata.

Improved Company Loan Module

Now only admins can add or edit company loans. Employees are only allowed to view company loans taken by them.