The latest documentation is available here.

Getting IceHrm installed only take a few minutes. If it ever becomes a problem, please file an issue describing the issue you encountered and how we might make the process easier.


Before installing IceHrm please make sure your system supports following requirements you’ll need to make sure your system has before you start.

Optional Modules

These are optional components which could improve icehrm performance


  • If you are installing the open source version, download the latest release from GitHub

  • If you are installing the pro version or enterprise you should have received the files after purchase.

  • Copy the downloaded file to the path you want to install iCE Hrm in your server and extract.

  • Create a mysql DB for and user. Grant all on iCE Hrm DB to new DB user.

  • Visit iCE Hrm installation path in your browser.

  • During the installation form, fill in details appropriately.

  • Once the application is installed use the username = admin and password = admin to login to your system.

Remove "install" folder

Please rename or delete the install folder ((ice hrm root)/app/install) since it could pose a security threat to your iCE Hrm instance.

Problems with Email Setup

If you are facing issues while setting up email you may try following suggestions:

  • Check if Net_SMTP extension is installed

  • Try using an standalone PHP email sender script to test emails

  • Check whether your out bound posts are allowed by the firewall

  • Try using Amazon SES. You only need to configure AWS Keys in settings area and set Email Sender Type to SES.

Additional installation instructions for Enterprise version

  • After the installation get the License ID from EULA.PDF and update “Instance :ID” under System->Settings
  • Copy provided icehrmkey.key to icehrm root folder
  • Verify the instance using verification dialog